Online Booking Systems


Taking credit card payments for your services is a great advantage to help against time wasters and no show clients and using an appointment setting calendar allows your clients to see your availability and book accordingly

The possibility for people to book a session based on your calendar availability, pay a deposit or the full amount for the session and also a separate payment section where they can tribute if they want, like a way to show appreciation or pay for Skype sessions is a real advantage to generate more income and there are 2 ways you can do this 

1. using an online booking software page that automatically updates your calendar when someone books and at the same time processes your payment. There are a lot of online booking platforms out there like bookingBUG, Bookly, EasyBook me, but not all of them allow payment for adult services so you need to pick one that does

2. using a separate calendar like Google Calander (which is probably one of the best out there) with a separate payment gateway merchant can be a lot cheaper, and you can download the google calendar app and sync it with your iPhone so the changes you make are instantly shown on your website it has a really nice interface and easy to use

Super-smart digital calendars come with an automated booking system! Your clients will be able to instantly book an appointment with you based on the availability you show on your agenda. Each client must enter his phone number in order to safeguard you from fake numbers.

Escort Agency Booking Software

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is brilliant and FREE! It integrates with your website, You make all the changes to your appointment diary on your iPhone and it instantly makes the change on your website in seconds, using this and just a merchant payment gateway can save you a lot of money. WOW!! 

Adult Merchant Payment Gateway Providers


Adult Merchant Advice

There are a variety of payment gateway merchants out there but they don’t all allow payments for adult service, but some do, so you need to check that out first before you sign up.  Amazon Payments, WePay. PayPal Payments Standard. Checkout.Dwolla. Stripe. Worldpay.

So choosing a merchant that accepts Adult services can save you a lot of heartaches down the road.


We have seen a huge expansion in escorts accepting credit card payments face to face, allowing both security for escorts themselves and also flexibility for repeat bookings or extended time allowances. Processing card payments means that escorts no longer have to carry large amounts of cash with them after being paid, exposing them to the danger of robbery. It also allows clients to re-book or extend bookings with ease.

Most escorts choose to use portable PDQ terminals or MPOS (mobile point of sale systems) to accept credit card payments in person. These machines are compact and very discreet. They can be hired on a monthly basis for as little as £20.00.  The benefits of which include; easy accounting, time saved on trips to the bank, security and safety.

IMPORTANT – Be aware that escort websites will need to be worded correctly to be accepted for card processing. Merchant Advice Service advisors and partners will act within Visa and MasterCard guidelines and will not work with companies involved in illegal activity.


Adult Merchant Advice