Here are the top 9 Google Search ranking factors to take into consideration:
  1. Content is Still King. Content Quality. …
  2. Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. …
  3. Mobile First. …
  4. Page Speed. …
  5. Schema code. …
  6. Brand Power and Social Signals. …
  7. Domain Power. …
  8. 8 HTTPS.

Most Important Google Search Ranking Factors for 2018

In our opinion these are major areas in 2018/19 that we predict will be big players impacting search engine ranking factors with Google’s algorithm updates in 2018:

Content is still King

“Content is the backbone of any drive to interact with your readers or customers. It is the most important opportunity you have to impress the reader with your knowledge, expertise or ethos. The quicker publishers realize this, the quicker their websites take the place they expect in the industry of their choice,” says Shai Aharony, CEO of Reboot Online.

Websites that are mobile-friendly

MobileFriendly Websites are Important Now more than Ever. … They are a Google best practice, and provide a better overall browsing experience for your website visitors. Additionally, more time is spent browsing the Internet on mobile devices, rather than on traditional desktops.

 A mobile-friendly website is essentially when your regular website shrinks down to be small enough to display on a mobile device. It looks like a tiny version of your website. There’s a lot of zooming, pinching and scrolling going on, but the site displays and functions great on any mobile device


Page speed

The term page speed essentially refers to the length of time at which web pages or media content is downloaded from website hosting servers and displayed onto the requesting web browser. Some of the new age of high tech themes can take 1 -2 seconds to load this is ok if its over 6-8 seconds your visitors have long gone!

There can be many reasons why a webpage is loading slowly poor internet connection, clogged up cache, too much content on the page.

Some website pages load fast but when you go to scroll down the page the scroll bar is locked or frozen this is because the page is still loading at the bottom if this is happening on your website reduce the amount of content on the page.

Schema markup

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. If you’ve ever used rich snippets, you’ll understand exactly what schema markup is all about.

It’s not magic. Nor is it some dirty trick. It’s actually the result of adding something called schema markup to your content. While schema markup is invisible to humans, it’s a major help to the search engines that are trying to understand all of the contexts behind your content.

You can improve your odds by adding schema markup to your content. … website via FTP and go to the public_html/wp-content/themes folder. Simply, it will boost your organic traffic to website significantly without spending precious time and money for SEO! How does it sound? Good, right! Whether you choose free or premium WordPress plugin, this one little piece of the plugin can do wonders for your overall search engine ranking and helps to stand out of the crowd.

All In one

If you are looking for a free, reliable and a super flexible WordPress Schema Plugin to implement rich snippets features in every post that this can be your first choice. As I mentioned earlier, this WP plugin developed by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft and having 40k downloads till now. And 4.4-star rating makes it more reliable.

You can configure every post while editing to display more information. You can easily customize this plugin as per necessary after installing the plugins.

Webpage content quality

How do you write quality content for a website?

Put your most important information first

Writing for the web is completely different from writing an essay or a paper.

An essay might go like this: First, explain what you’re going to discuss. Then, present an overview of the literature. Next, discuss; and finally, draw your conclusion. The most important point you make is in the conclusion – at the end of your essay!

On web pages you have to do the opposite: your most important points always come first. If you have problems creating good content employ the services of a scriptwriter.

Webpage content length

On the web, it’s rare that a reader hangs on to every word you write. He doesn’t have time. He’s in a hurry because he could check out several other scent trails – websites – instead of wasting time trying to figure out what you do.

Social signals

Definition: Social signals refer to a webpage’s collective shares, likes and overall social media visibility as perceived by search engines. These activities contribute to a page’s organic search ranking and are seen as another form of citation, similar to backlinks.

The increasing use of social media sites to share information or just keep in touch has changed how we communicate, and social signals are the natural outcome of this communication shift.

Research shows that people now choose to visit particular websites, not because of a high search engine rank, but because friends have recommended the site either directly or through social signals. In addition, socially linked websites have improved conversion rates along with better brand loyalty and brand awareness, leading to more positive reviews through social signals.

As social media continues to grow, consumers will look to social signals to help them make the best product and service choices.

Quality backlinks

In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, a quality backlink is a backlink that links to your Web site using your keywords or keyword phrase, and also appears on a Web site that has the same theme or similar content topic as your own Web site. How do I get high-quality backlinks?

  1. Write testimonials for other websites
  2. Link externally and then reach out
  3. Comment on other relevant blog posts
  4. Request link exchanges with other websites that have similar content matter
  5. Include your website address in social media posts
  6. A great way is to leave comments on posts and include your URL address

Optimized images

On-page optimization (AKA on-page SEO) refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta description and title tags. give your images a title and ‘Alt’ description.